A bold and forward thinking Government?

These conversations are great, but in reality talking about it is not enough. Setting deadlines 5 to 20 years in the future is not enough. What we need is a brave and empowered Government who is willing to lead by example, not tippy toe around multi million pound industries because they might not like it. What we need is forthright legislation that puts the onus of responsibility on the corporations, not the consumer. And it needs to be done now. Not in 5 years. What we need is the choice to be taken away from consumers. No plastic packaging = no choice = less recycling = slightly lower carbon footprint.
Compostable packaging = less waste in landfill = options for replenishing degrading topsoil.
Non compostable packaging should be fully recyclable and should also be the first option corporations use to repackage.
The government should not be asking us what we would like when it’s house is on fire… it should be putting that fire out as a priority.
How do we get THAT message across?


I completely agree. How to get that message across…consumers - take the packaging off in store before going to the checkout. Government…ban the packaging, with taxes on the packaging before the ban takes place. Incentivise market traders and others selling without packaging. Limit the power of the advertising industry which promotes the throw away society. No more planing permissions for big supermarkets.

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Totally agree as well. They need to take it seriously, we don’t have the time to waste. Think of all the money wasted on Brexit, how much that could have helped the environment. Waitrose is doing a trial in their Oxford store which looks amazing, they have got rid of a lot of plastic and have refill stations for foods - this is the way we need to go. The government needs to do something now!

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Completely agree. It is not a human right to be able to go to a supermarket and choose to have your food in convienient plastic packaging. However, it is a human right to live in a world which is not drowning in plastic pollution (not to mention the effects on climate change).

We need to go back to a simpler lifestyle where people may have to take longer over day to day activities (eg filling their own containers at shops, using reusable nappies, not using pre chopped fruit and veg) and we all live in a happier, healthier planet. We need to ask ourselves ‘is whatever we are so busy doing really more important than ensuring our children have a habitable planet to live on?’

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Wonderful comments and at last some common sense. Now we just need to enforce it. Keep up the pressure guys.