Bottled water, never understood it

Bottled water is such a bizarre concept - I heard the other days it often contains no more minerals than tap water and is 5000 times more expensive than tap water. It also significantly contributes to the plastic problem (even if the bottles can be recycled this still comes at a cost).

Maybe the government should do something to discourage the purchase of bottled water ie higher taxes? Or lower taxes on glass water bottles or companies that actively offer water top up services?



Bring back the public drinking fountain!
All around the SW fresh water taps are being installed at the entrance to beaches, this is a great return of an old idea.

More water fountains and water refill stations are cropping up around the country now and I think it should be a requirement of every Council to provide these in public spaces. I’ve seen an example of a water refill tap installed on a busy, Glasgow shopping street today - perfect! See also this link

I think the time has come to pass legislation that every customer-facing, commercial business needs to provide a drinking water tap where customers can refill water bottles.