Bring back old ways of shopping

What did we use years ago without plastics, glass , paper, waxed paper products or loose veg gone are the old fasioned veg shops because manufactors put ecery1 out of business pre packaging things.

People don’t have time to go back to standing in queue at different counters in Sainsbury’s, or to sit down at a grocer’s counter whilst he weighs out items. Waitrose experiment in Oxford seems like a good idea if people can take time to wait for somebody in front of them to fill their cartons. Time seems to be the main concern because people are accustomed to taking what they want quickly from the shelves.

I agree that it will be hard to get people to change their ways. That is why the choice needs to be removed or heavily penalised and advertising strictly regulated.
People need to ask themselves ‘is whatever is making me too busy to fill my own containers etc, really more important than making sure our children have a habitable planet to live on?’