Council recycling

Swansea council have supplied a long list of which plastics can and cannot be recycled. Most people are now totally confused, and I’m certain they can’t be bothered to work it out.

And different councils have different recycling options! So in Trafford where I am, my council will only recycle bottles made from plastic 1 or 2. Further to this, they say this is because they are a higher grade plastic - they won’t recycle yoghurt pots or tubes because they are a lower grade. But ask them to recycle a yoghurt pot made from plastic 1 or 2, they say they can’t because it’s not a bottle!! There needs to be comprehensive, consistent and standardised council recycling facilities so no matter where you are in the UK, you can recycle with confidence.

You’ve clearly identified the root of the problem. There is no national recycling scheme and therefore people are not able to participate in resolving a national problem let alone an international one.

All plastics should be identified clearly by readily identified and sized markings
Schools, workplaces and public buildings should have notices defining these groups
Only plastics that meet these criteria should be allowed as packaging material
The sale of goods in non recyclable packaging materials should not be allowed after a fixed date
All councils should be obliged by law to accept all plastics correctly marked by this date
HMG must take ownership and lead