Design all necessary packaging to be easily recycled in UK

A lot of packaging is not needed and all that is needed must be designed for easy recycling in the UK.

We could refill reusable containers when shopping for many products (one of our local food shops is introducing more and more options for this - already shoppers can refill containers for fruit and veg, deli counter supplies, milk, cleaning products). Recyclable paper and card can be used as an alternative to plastic for some food items and other products requiring packaging. We could get rid of lots of plastic packaging if we try and what we still need must be designed for recycling. We need to stop using plastic that is not necessary and cannot be easily recycled. Stop using laminates and mixing materials and polymers in packaging, which makes it difficult to recycle. Design packaging out and, where it is needed, design for recycling. Manufacturers, suppliers and retailers need to take the lead and Government needs to make sure they do it.

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