Fast fashion and plastics in clothing

Thought It was worth highlighting that clothing is a terrible problem for plastic pollution, as well as the terrible impact of the cotton industry. Clothing manufacturers and consumers need to be held to account. There must be something we can do to stop fast fashion and lack of environmental control


Clothing is an important issue: fast-fashion leads to throw-away or single-use clothing. But also there is the problem of man-made fibres in clothing being washed down the drains and into the water system, ending up in other life-forms - especially in the fish that we eat and probably other food sources. There are washing bags that claim to catch these fibres. This needs testing and rolling out nation-wide if these claims are shown to be truthful. Even better would be washing machine filters that could be retro-fitted to all machines, not just new ones.

Can I add to this a ban on the plastic film dry cleaners put on every item? It uses far more plastic than a standard plastic bag, it can’t be reused and for some reason it’s not included in the 5p charge.

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And also the metal hangers! We bring them back to the dry cleaners but they told us we are alone on this, assume most end in landfill?