Governments need to control supermarket packaging

It is not good enough for Governments to nibble at the edges of an environmental disaster by banning a couple of plastic items such as straws and stirrers. They need to set up a department that will independently review all supermarket packaging and to make recommendations, to ban excessive packaging and unrecyclable plastics if a suitable alternative exists. Also if plastic is used it must be made of a plastic that can be recycled and not incinerated. Super markets are all about convenience, people have busy lives and packaging saves time (not having to weigh the items) But the supermarkets have gone way to far with convenience they need to take responsibility for the environment and this needs a strong government to force them to do it with legislation.


Agree. There needs to be a greater emphasis on reusing and reducing even before recycling.


I believe it’s important for Government to have a solid understanding of which changes make the biggest environmental impacts and tackle those first. Solutions need to be well considered and their alternatives’ impacts fully understood before a solution is legislated. We are at risk of swapping one bad practice for another.

It doesn’t feel that there is a clear plan yet on how to start tackling these issues.

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Why have we got DEFRA, The Environment Agency, The Office of Trading Standards, Etc. (or whatever their current re-branded names are, which is another waste of taxpayers money!) if they are not there to see that the Environment & Natural Resources are not being abused! They need a joint approval board/department to approve all products and packaging, before they are allowed to be sold in this Country.

It is high time that the Government Departments took Commerce, Manufacturing, Farming and (hopefully) World Trade Imports in hand, to ensure that all consumer products imported or home produced, meet an Environmental Standard.

Environmental Standard Stars could be applied as an indicator, or some other marking method. From 5 good to 1 poor, and 0 for bad / un-recyclable.

completely agree! More government intervention (legislation etc) is definitely needed

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YES! We’re all being told we need to make changes and avoid buying products with too much plastic but there simply aren’t any alternatives on the shelves. I’m sick of being made to feel guilty when I’m given no choice but to buy my pasta and rice in non-recyclable plastic bags. There need to be huge and sweeping changes across the supermarket shelves - legislation and pressure on manufacturers and supermarkets to actually give consumers alternatives to plastic when they do their weekly shop.

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So Agree!! We are all creatures of habit and we not only need wholesale culture change but our eco systems have desperately needed us all to manage our resources so that our impact on nature is minimised to the point that we contribute towards what we most depend upon instead of trashing, extracting, polluting and destroying everything! The system most of us have been brought up in is a wholly destructive one. It’s more than obvious we need to change the system at source and we need to be FORCED to do it with tough legislation. Companies big and small need to be FORCED to source there materials for packaging so that there is little to no impact. Supermarkets must be forced to offer a different system of packaging from using refillable containers to alternative containers that can and must be recycled,