Happy meal toys, coffee cups etc

Action isn’t just needed with packaging. Fast food outlets that give a plastic toy, disposable coffee cups, tat given in party bags, balloons etc. It is used and dumped, action is needed to change attitudes and encourage people to move away from the current disposable culture. And penalties for companies who don’t environmental impact into account.


Completely agree. I’m also unsure why children’s comics have a tatty plastic toy attached to them and then the magazine is wrapped in plastic. The wrapping goes in the bin and the plastic toy quickly breaks and ends up in the bin too. I’m refusing to buy comics for my grandchildren. I’d rather buy them a book even if it’s more expensive.

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I’m also in total agreement. I’m also shocked to find that Cadbury has introduce a Kinder Egg type thing - buttons in a plastic box with a plastic toy. You’d think these days they’d have thought twice about it!!