Heavily fine large corporations using unneccessary plastic

I work at a large pharma company and have spent the best part of a year trying to get them to stop using plastic cups in coffee machines. The worst thing is is that you can use your own mugs for the coffee machines, and there are plenty of communal mugs, but people are too lazy to use them and some get through 5 plastic cups a day. The business needs to stop making it an option. Every time I’m fobbed off with some corporate spiel about “we can’t implement this just yet, we have to be very careful because it could affect customers”.

It’s total rubbish - what will affect customers is the economy imploding once resources run out and the sea is full of plastic.

The government should regularly inspect large businesses and fine them for any unneccessary plastic usage, such as plastic cups, cutlery, bags, boxes and containers. They need to make using plastic unnattractive and no-plastic the default, rather than plastic being the default and no-plastic being “well done, we’re so progressive!”.


Look at this: (It’s great some of the dispensers are empty)

And now look at this:

  • They are not buying 25kg bulk and it’s in plastic! You can buy plastic free and they have more buying power to make it cheaper.

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Exactly. And people should have a watchdog / audit/ ombusman ?type service that we can go to, free of fear, where we can report bad practice & get an official to come by, slap some hands, give out a fine and set out strict rules on what should be changed. & then check up on them & go through the motions again if they haven’t complied.

Similar issue to one thread by a user in a clothing company. All products were are packed multiple times in film . The consumer doesn’t see it, but the staff behind the scenes were being made to chuck huge amounts of plastic waste into the general waste bins.

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The best tax is a total ban on non recyclable packaging materials. Fix a date, implement it and then shame any offenders on TV and media and prevent the offending product from being sold until packaged correctly. Only by taking coordinated, nation wide action will any change be achieved and this has to be led by national, not local government.

HMG must take ownership rather than continuously spouting mealy mouthed platitudes.