Improve re-use of bags

To extend re-use of bags and provide free bags by all shops and shoppers (even plastic at present) and encourage shoppers to take in their own bags/ baskets/ trolleys.

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My daughter lives in Sydney and community groups accept donations of any fabrics which volunteers can make shopping bags from for free. They are then given to any businesses who will take them, hung on a hook and customers can buy or borrow one. Most people are grateful and do not abuse this system.

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Shops should have large signs outside prompting people to remember their bags. Until it becomes habit it’s easy to leave them in the car (I know I used to anyway)


Hi Kimberley,

Yes - and same here, I often have to go back to my car to get my bag(s) - after I’ve finished shopping and am about to pay. We could also recommend that people keep a supply of reusable bags in their cars.

Cheers Iain

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Just ban them - there are alternatives and the only reason supermarkets want to offer them either free or for sale is so that customer do not walk out without their goods, hence supermarkets losing profit. All supermarkets have environmental statements on their websites about how they care about the planet - they need to step up and deliver what they claim to believe