More Recycling Bins in Public Places

Ultimately we must reduce or ban plastic use altogether, but that will not happen overnight. We already have infrastructure for recycling and yet so many recyclable products just go into normal waste due to a lack of separate bins. The focus of recycling seems to be on household waste, yet we spend much of our time away from home.

Do all workplaces have recycling bins? What about leisure centres? Parks? Cinemas?..

Town centres are a hub for our throwaway lifestyles and yet I am unaware of any uk towns that have recycling bins. (The only examples I have encountered have been in various European countries or at temporary music festival sites in the uk!)

Most schools recycle paper (though not all take card!) yet students are crying out for the opportunity to recycle more widely, especially plastics. A group of students in my school have taken to putting out temporary boxes for widely recyclable items that are not currently taken by the local/school waste collection to raise awareness and for their parents to drive it all to a refuse collection centre?!

If this is the effort it takes to recycle, most people just won’t bother. All public / work / leisure places must provide recycling bins.

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