No new, Reclaim and unmake

To truly sort this out for humanity and all earths habitation and inhabitants 3 things need to be done.
No new plastic should be created.
Plastic should be reclaimed/harvested back from the environment (that which we have littered the world with, in the seas etc)
This plastic should be degraded back into raw materials.
There is plenty here for science and commerce to have a go at, new economies, markets and jobs.
I endeavour to buy no new plastic. It is very hard. I do not trust the recycling process at all, I believe that currently it is a con.
For me the only way is no plastic and clearing up the environment to remove the plastic in it.


I agree, there needs to be much more use made of the materials already in circulation. Recycling is only effective if the recyclable materials are collected and recycled and these replace new materials. In the case of plastic, this should mean that manufacturers are required to use plastics from recycled sources in place of increasing proportions of the crude-oil based raw materials currently used in plastic manufacture.

There will be no reduction in plastics in circulation if the problem is not tackled at manufacture. This is a slow problem to change by consumer pressure - you have to have a lot of people on board and persuade them to pay extra to avoid the cheap, convenient new product. Instead could be dramatically incentivised in a number of ways by government - subsidy, taxation, or other means. We need to tackle the root - the source of the plastic, not try to save the planet one straw or coffee cup at a time.

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I couldn’t agree more. We need a wholesale approach with reduction prioritised over recycling.