Plastic in schools

so i work in a school and
1, every day change 4 life plastic bags arrive with fruit and veg in them for giving out to the children. every day I wince as i check the bags that always say not currently recycled, if they say anything about recycling at all. this needs to change, plastic bags need to be banned on these deliveries, paper bags or crates which are reusable need to be used. most classrroms have bowls where the items are given out, so the crates could go round each classroom and then be returned to the supplier for washing out and reusing. it is not the school or children’s fault that this unnecessary plastic arrives on their door, yet they are expected to deal with it, by throwing it in the bin and knowing it goes to landfill to take hundreds of years to degrade. what is the point of trying to encourage them to be healthy in their what they put in their bodies, but totally disregard the damage they are doing to the planet.
2, the kitchen buy and source fruit smoothies and yogurts that are not recyclable or recycled. again why should the end user be put under the stress and pressure of trying to work out what to do with these items.
3, there is no pathway/route for schools to recycle plastic, unless they pay for a seperate provision. again why should end users be lumbered with the dealing with the waste. could return schemes be introduced with food suppliers to schools? could credits or vouchers be given to the schools for recycling certain items back to suppliers, that can be reused.
4, this is just state run schools that i’m talking about, what about hospitals, pupil referall units, colleges, nurseries, childcare providers… what are the expectations on them to recycle or reduce their plastic usage?
we only have 1 planet and we need to act now to safeguard the future, after all what is the point of edcuating these children and saving us humans if we are polluting the planet and causing huge problems of plastic waste for future generations?


Taking the lead on sustainability will set a positive example for children, and provide opportunities to educate them on environmental sustainability as they grow up. This will ensure future generations don’t make the same selfish mistakes we did.

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My husband works for a state school and lunch is brought in from outside. Its unbelievable how everything including biscuits and cakes are wrapped in clingfilm!!! Not only is this wasteful, unnecessary but the clingfilm affects the taste of the food and I am certain very unhealthy to have on the food you eat. We are misled about the safety aspect of plastics on food, new research is showing us how detrimental this is to our health with micro plastics entering our food chain. What are we doing to our children?