Put the onus on business, not consumers to reduce plastic use drastically, use recyclable packaging only and only where necessary and councils to collect all recyclable material, not expect consumers to do all the legwork

The current situation is totally unwieldy. Far too much packaging and far to much of this is not recyclable. Much that is potentially recyclable is not collected by councils but rather the onus is on individuals to find various and numerous points that collect such material. This is a real cop out by manufacturers, retailers and government. We need to drastically reduce/ban plastic use. Any plastic used must be recyclable and all recyclable material needs to be collected by councils.


Agree. The responsibility should lie with the manufacturers. A perpetual growth economy simply isn’t sustainable.

Every word of this! I am plagued with the constant guilt of having to buy my staple foods - pasta, rice, vegetables - in non-recyclable plastic packaging. All the messages directed at the public are about how we need to change our habits, but we simply aren’t being given the tools or the power to do so. So we’re left feeling helpless and guilty that we can’t do more. How avoid pasta with plastic packaging when none of the manufacturers or supermarkets are putting alternatives on the selves for me to make that choice? The changes have to come from the top down.