Recycled content to be used in catheters and other incontinence products

For those in the disabled community, we have discussed the huge use of plastic in catheters. Most manufacturers seem completely disinterested in talking about the plastic they use in their products and therefore force these upon consumers. They are even more unwilling to discuss the disposal of these products and simply say councils should provide clinical waste. I’ve never seen any evidence of actually listening or starting to change their habits on this subject. I don’t know how much longer they can get away with such a arrogant attitude.
For example, on a Coloplast speedicath compact catheter, i don’t see why the green outer casing could not be made out of recycled plastic? Nor do I see why Coloplast is completely unable to even talk about this option. If its the laws that need to be looked, then lets look at them and try to find a way to move forward.
how many people feel upset and haunted by the amount of plastic they are forced to use to keep alive by using other incontinence products? how many leg bags could have recycled plastic in them? how many companies are even thinking times need to change and we have to invest in finding alternatives to wrapping every single thing in single or sometimes double plastic just to be transported to users? let alone how on earth the user is going to recycle that packaging?
the war on unecessary plastic must be waged against every single unecessary plastic item and maunfacturers and to me its the manufacturers that need to be driving this change, not the pleas and anxiety of the public.

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You’re absolutely right. That’s a huge issue, especially with a growing population and people living longer.

The only counter I’d make is that the origin of the plastics for medical use has to be consistent and must have certain properties. For instance, a friend of mine who has a catheter would go into full anaphylaxis if the plastics in her stoma contained any latex.

Some plastics leach chemicals as they degrade, some are permeable, so can absorb fluids around them & some can cause irritation or adverse effects.

Your point is really important, we just need to be careful with how the solution is implemented.