‘Recycling’ plastics misnoma

As i understand it most plastics are not recyclable only ‘upcylable’, meaning they cannot be used over and over to make the same thing, but only to make progressively lower grade products. We need to stop using all these types of plastics. When I was young there was very little food packaging, grease proof paper, paper bags, canvas etc. we’re widely used.


I completely agree with you. A lot of plastic packaging it totally unnecessary in the first place. When it is necessary we must find alternatives.

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The biggest problem of plastic is that it does not work on a circular economy basis. They are excellent for many things and a proof of that is that they are everywhere.

We all feel bad knowing the huge amount of plastic that goes to our oceans and I, as you all, am really concerned about this. What if our plastic were collected under a return scheme and they were either recicled if possible or diggested by bacterias (https://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/plastic-eating-bacteria-chemist-science-pollution-pet-recycling-a8311811.html)?

Sorry to say what I said before. Certainly, bacteria is not a whole solution and the amount of plastic in our oceans is terrific (https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/plastic-bad-environment-why-ocean-pollution-how-much-single-use-facts-recycling-a8309311.html) but I still believe that in spite of the fact that plastic should be reduced every time this can be done, in spite of the fact that alternative ways of packaging (biodegradable, compostable, etc.) are way more than welcome, I think that plastic could not be as severe if it worked in a circular economy basis