Stop all household rubbish collections

Stop all household rubbish collections in 6 months time. This would get soon get everyone’s attention. Consumers would think carefully about everything they bought. Leave all plastic rubbish at the supermarkets and let them pay for it to be disposed of. They would soon find alternatives. Everyone would use returnable glass bottles for drinks. Cans, metals etc would be recycled at point of purchase. Why send bin lorries round to every house to collect rubbish/recyclables when they could just go to a few stores. Install wooden stocks at every supermarket. Rotten veg can then be thrown at anyone caught littering.
On a slightly more serious note, we need to look at why it’s now become standard practice that councils are expected to come and take our rubbish away!
Keep it simple. Eliminate as much packaging as possible. Reuse not recycle. Recycle as last resort.


Which would lead to a massive outbreak of fly tipping. Consider for a moment disposable nappies. Whilst there are good greener options, most parents still use disposables. Ask yourself what would happen to them if rubbish collections were stopped?

And, on a more serious note, yes we do need to look at how councils deal with recycling.

PS like the rotten veg option as a form of societal discipline :wink:


I certainly think some reduction in what councils collect or punitive measures to those that don’t dispose of their waste responsibly.

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God - I would love to be able to leave all the packaging at the supermarket - although someone pointed out about ‘disposable nappies’ being a problem…and thats a tough one. I remember the next door neighbour having twins and having real nappies on the washing line all the time.
But within this seemingly 'impractical" idea - I feel there is the basis for an alternative location for rubbish collection/handling recycling. Maybe the supermarkets who after all are responsible for selling products (from which they greatly profit) could send it back to the food suppliers when their lorries are heading that way in any event to collect the pallet loads and crates of food products etc.
It would be really great if households took their own rubbish to large bin containers similar to those at my local Asda for glass tin cans etc etc. This would be our way of participating as environmentally friendly bods, leaving cash strapped councils/local authorities with less collecting to do.