The bounty system for returns

A a young boy in the days of post WW2 austerity there was no spare money sloshing around like it does today. I made my pocket money by collecting drinks bottles abandoned by drunks and returning them to the off licences, newspapers which I collected from neighbours which had to be clean and tied up with string made of hemp or sisal in those days, all butter came in blocks which was patted into the amount you could afford on the scales wrapped in greaseproof paper and bread came in hot out of the oven fresh uncut because we were not too lazy to cut it ourselves. Clothes were patched and shoes repaired, hats and scarves were worn to keep warm even indoors in bad weather. The only plastics were the Bakelite ashtrays and radios. Nowadays bananas, oranges and other fruits and vegetables are in plastic bags which is ridiculous, sometime wit wrappers within wrappers, I have seen children buy a kitkat multipack which they split the first plastic wrap to get at the six bars each of which was individually wrapped in foil and paper, all which was dropped as eaten.

Well said. Government needs to give tax breaks to those corporations who set up a returns system. Like the old corona glass bottle one from my youth. Have water fountains everywhere like there used to be. Return our utilities to government - owned by the people. That would kill the plastic bottles for water and reduce the waste.

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I remember the old Corona bottles, a friend of mine was addicted to them, would not drink anything else, which was fine as long as they sweetened with sugar, but when they switched to artificial sweeteners, well his heart grew weaker as the years went by and he dies at only 55 leaving children and grandchildren, all for a bit of extra profits.

It is not just plastic we need to change back to glass, it is the poisons they put in our foods which we have no way of avoiding unless we grow our own?

Returnable/resusable packaging is an excellent idea, especially if the product is not plastic - ie. glass